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Leakage Protection Systems

Every professional leak protection system consists of two subsystems:

  1. One or more sensors in the house detect a leak and notify the user.
  2. The water is shut off.

Aqua-Scope specializes in leak protection (it's all we do, but we do it right). The portfolio includes various sensors and retrofit motors, depending on the conditions in your home and your protection needs. All complete solutions either consist of the Aqua-Scope Monitor with its innovative acoustic sensor technology or our Aqua-Meter Clamp.

Advantages of the Aqua-Meter Clamp: Very easy installation without the need to shut off the water.

Advantages of the Aqua-Scope Monitor: Extremely sensitive measurements, detects micro-leaks with a loss of approximately one shot glass (5cl) per hour.

The sensor is combined with a retrofit motor for ball or KFR valves, depending on your shut-off valve. Both devices communicate via direct LoRa radio. LoRa is a robust radio technology that allows communication even in the basement, providing maximum flexibility for sensor placement.

In the ‘Plus’ version of the system additional flood sensors can be distributed throughout the house at critical points (e.g., under the washing machine). They also communicate with LoRa and can be freely combined with motors or other sensors.

Control of the system is handled through a free app. The Aqua-Scope Monitor or Aqua-Meter must be connected to your WLAN. The app is used for the initial setup, manual control of the motor, viewing continuously transmitted measurements, and, of course, for receiving alarms.

Want to try the system? No problem. Simply click on the link below. A window will open the size of a mobile phone with the app. Use as the login with the password: 123456. Please note that this is a system actually deployed in a home with four occupants.

Manuals and Data Sheets

Ordering Information

  • AQSBVS01: Leckage-Protection 'Basic' for Ball Valves
  • AQSKFR01: Leckage-Protection 'Basic' for Gate Valves
  • AQSBVS02: Leckage-Protection 'Plus' for Ball Valves
  • AQSKFR02: Leckage-Protection 'Plus' for Gate Valves