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Retrofittable Motors for Shut-Off-Valves

Every building has at least one main shut-off valve, which can interrupt the water supply from the municipal water network or the house water system in case of danger or leakage. This shut-off valve is now transformed into a 'Smart Valve' by our radio-controlled retrofit motors. This Smart Valve can be used in various ways.

  1. Emergency shut-off in case of detected leakage: The Smart Valve responds to detected leaks and immediately interrupts the water supply to prevent damage.
  2. Regular time-controlled opening and closing of the water: For example, you can use the Aqua-Scope App to set programmable timers for the regular opening and closing of the shut-off valve at specific times, such as on weekends.
  3. Integration into your Smart Home: The Smart Valve can be integrated into your Smart Home. As an example, the water could be preemptively shut off when you leave the house and activate the alarm system.

There are four types of shut-off valves worldwide: