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Retrofittable Motor for Ball Valves

This motor converts existing and installed ball valves into smart water control devices. Thanks to the innovative clamping mechanism, it can be installed on shut-off valves with a pipe diameter between 0.5 and 1.5 inches within minutes without additional tools and can also be removed easily. A patented coupling mechanism allows torques of up to 8 Nm, enabling it to function even with rusty and old valves.

With an additional water sensor that attaches directly to the device, the motor can be used for leak protection without further configuration. The servo motor is waterproof and can be used in humid, dirty, and outdoor environments. In the open position, the motor automatically performs valve training once a week (closing/opening by 1/8 turn to remove dirt and lime). The device is also capable of measuring the rotation angle and detecting the end positions of the lever. It approaches the end positions slowly to avoid friction and unnecessary mechanical stress.

It is powered by an external 12V power supply via a waterproof coupling. An optional battery pack allows autonomous operation in places where power is not available.


No water installation is the same. Plumbers install pipes and fittings according to industry standards, but also based on local conditions and personal preferences. Our ball valve actuator adapts to every situation and can be installed even when the water pipe bends close to the shut-off valve. However, there are limitations. Please consider the installation conditions for this product.

Communication Options

The motor drive for ball valves is available in five different wireless configurations:

  1. LoRaWAN:
    • The device operates as a LoRaWAN Class C device.
    • The use of the device requires LoRaWAN network coverage. Otherwise, a dedicated LoRaWAN gateway must be installed and operated.
    • The necessary control commands and payloads for the device are described in the manual.
  2. Aqua-Scope-LoRa:
    • This wireless version allows direct control of the motor via an Aqua-Scope monitor.
  3. Z-Wave:
    • The certified Z-Wave device uses the latest standard Z-Wave Plus V2 and is based on the Z-Wave chip generation S 700.
  4. Direct Wire Control:
    • The device is controlled via a supplied two-wire cable, which is directly connected to the motor.
    • This cable can be connected to any relay or other potential-free switch. A closed switch closes the valve, an open switch opens the valve.
    • Potential-free switching contacts are available in most smart home systems (Shelly, Z-Wave, Smartthings, Bosch, Homematic, ...) or alarm systems.
  5. Wire Control with Wireless Extension:
    • The device is controlled by a remote interface unit with a robust LoRa wireless link.
    • The interface unit, in turn, is controlled by a potential-free switching contact and has a status contact that reports the current switching state of the valve.
    • A closed contact closes the valve, an open contact opens the valve.
    • Potential-free switching contacts are available in most smart home systems (Shelly,Z-Wave, Smartthings, Bosch, Homematic, ...) or alarm systems.

Installation Video

How to Install Leak Detektor and Ball Valve Servo

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Manuals and Data Sheets

Ordering Information

  • BVSLWE01: Motor Servo for Ball Valves
  • BVSLWE02: Motor Servo for Ball Valves (LoRaP2P)
  • BVSZWE01: Motor Servo for Ball Valves Z-Wave
  • BVSDRY01: Dry Contact controlled Retrofit-Motor for Ball Valves
  • BVSDRY02: Remote Dry Contact controlled Motor for Ball Valves