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Flood Sensor

The Flood Sensor detects the presence of water using its sensor pins and sends an alarm message to a LoRaWAN network when triggered. Additionally, the device regularly reports ambient temperature and humidity, sending an alarm if the measured values exceed preset thresholds, which can be configured for both humidity and temperature. The device is designed to be placed on the floor, where three brass telescopic pins can detect water on hard surfaces (tiles) as well as soft carpets. 

The device comes with a bracket that can be screwed or glued to the wall or floor. When the main sensor is in the bracket, a super-flat sensor pad, connected to the bracket via a cable, is used for water detection. When an alarm is triggered, the device emits a sound, and a red LED flashes. The device is powered by an internal CR123 battery, which lasts approximately 5 years under normal operation. 

The device is controlled through LoRaWAN commands, operating as a LoRaWAN Class A device. The use of the device requires LoRaWAN network coverage. Otherwise, a dedicated LoRaWAN gateway must be installed and operated. A special version of the sensor exists for direct pairing with the Aqua-Scope Monitor.

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