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Water Leakage Sensors

Water sensors or water guards detect leaks and sound alarms. Depending on the design, these devices can also measure water consumption, water temperature, and detect and alert on various malfunctions.

Aqua-Scope offers three different sensors, each based on completely different measurement methods.

Flood Sensors: Detect water directly at the sensor using small metal probes. These sensors need to be installed in locations where the risk of water leakage exists, such as under sinks, in pipeline shafts, under washing machines, etc. This means having several sensors distributed throughout the house to ensure detection of any form of water.

Aqua-Scope Monitor: Utilizes an innovative acoustic measurement method, monitoring the entire water pipe network from a single point in the water system. Therefore, a single sensor in the house, attached to any water pipe, even at the "end" of the pipes on an upper floor, is sufficient. Another advantage of the monitor is its ability to detect tiny precursor leaks (called micro-leakage) using a method called 'Pipe-Check,' thereby preventing more extensive water damage.

Aqua-Meter: A measurement clamp that analyzes water precisely at the point where the device is installed. Therefore, the clamp should be installed before the first branch of the water lines in the basement or utility room, directly after the main meter and the water filter/pressure reducer.