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Retrofittable Motor for (Angled Seat) Gate Valves

The motor drive for angled seat valves (KFR valves) or normal straight-seated shut-off valves allows for retrofitting existing and already installed shut-off valves into wirelessly controlled intelligent devices without interrupting the water supply or cutting into the water pipe. The motor is powered by a 12V power supply and is completely waterproof and dirt-resistant up to the power supply. An optional battery pack enables autonomous operation in places where no electricity is available.

Various adapter rings and a sophisticated connection system enable the use of the motor on all modern valves from DN15 to DN32. With an additional water sensor that attaches directly to the device, the motor can be used for leak protection without further configuration. The servo motor is waterproof and can be used in humid, dirty, and outdoor environments.

In the open state, the motor automatically performs valve training once a week (closing/opening by 1/8 turn to remove dirt and lime). The device can be operated via a local button or, depending on the version, wirelessly or through a control cable.

Communication Options

The motor drive is available for three different communication configurations:

  1. LoRaWAN:
    • The device operates as a LoRaWAN Class C device.
    • The use of the device requires LoRaWAN network coverage. Otherwise, a dedicated LoRaWAN gateway must be installed and operated.
    • The necessary control commands and payloads for the device are described in the manual.
    • This wireless version allows direct control of the motor via an Aqua-Scope monitor.
  2. Direct Wire Control:
    • The device is controlled via a supplied two-wire cable, which is directly connected to the motor.
    • This cable can be connected to any relay or other potential-free switch. A closed switch closes the valve, an open switch opens the valve.
    • Potential-free switching contacts are available in most smart home systems (Shelly, Z-Wave, Smartthings, Bosch, Homematic, ...) or alarm systems.
  3. Wire Control with Wireless Extension:
    • The device is controlled by a remote interface unit with a robust LoRa wireless link.
    • The interface unit, in turn, is controlled by a potential-free switching contact and has a status contact that reports the current switching state of the valve.
    • A closed contact closes the valve, an open contact opens the valve.
    • Potential-free switching contacts are available in most smart home systems (Shelly,Z-Wave, Smartthings, Bosch, Homematic, ...) or alarm systems.

Installation Video

Wasserschäden vermeiden - Absperrhahn (KFR) nachrüsten

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Manuals and Data Sheets

Ordering Information

  • KFRLWE01: Motor Servo for Angled Seat Valves
  • KFRDRY01: Dry Contact controlled Retrofit-Motor for Gate Valves
  • KFRDRY02: Remote Dry Contact controlled Motor for Gate Valves