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    Water is Life and Joy

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    but when bad things happen ...

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    Water may destroy your home.

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    Aqua-Scope protects your home ...

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    ... so that you can rest and enjoy.

360 Degree Leakage Protection

Aqua-Scope Leakage Protection is on duty 24 hours as day to protect your home from all negative impacts of water leakage. Aqua-Scope permanently analyses the situation in your water pipes using highly-sensitive pressure and temperature sensors plus a network of distributed leakage/vibration/temperature sensors placed on strategic points in the home. It will detect leaks well before they can cause any damage. If something happens the Valve Servos will shut off the water well before the leaking water can do much damage. But the best, all this can be installed in few minutes without any pipes being cut.

Our Mission

We are an international team of hardware engineers, software developers and product designers. We were challenged by the big need for effective leakage prevention on one hand but super low installation numbers in real-world houses and home’s.

We identified several reasons for this gap, first and foremost the need to hire a professional plumber and cutting pipes.

The company has its international headquarter in Estonia, the famous digital nation in Eastern Europe. Estonia is very advanced on using modern communication and administration technology that is leveraged by our company to serve the needs of a truly international team distributed around the globe.

The Ball Valve Servo

BVS (Ball Valve Servo) is the most intelligent motor servo for ball valves on the market:

  • Installation in 2 minutes
  • No pipe cutting, no plumber
  • Automated calibration
  • Local flood sensor

United States and Canada

If you are from North America  please visit the webpage of our sister company Ubitech for more information on where to buy our products.

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