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Stop Water Leaks - DIY in 10 Minutes

Aqua-Scopes Water Leakage Protection is on duty 24 hours a day to protect your home from water leakage. A Highly-sensitive pressure sensor plus a network of distributed sensors placed on strategic points in the home permanently analyses the situation in your water pipes. They will detect leaks well before they cause any damage. If something happens, the Valve Servos will automatically shut off the water.  But the best, all this can be installed in a few minutes without any pipes being cut.

Install Motor-Servo

We don't install anything new; instead, we utilize the already installed shut-off valve. Whether it's a Ball Valve or a Gate valve, our retrofit motors can be installed in just a few minutes. No contact with water, no shutting off of water required.

Install a Sensor

We offer various leak sensors in our lineup, all of which can be easily self-installed. The Aqua-Scope Monitor is screwed under the sink, our flood sensors can be screwed or glued to the floor or wall, and our Aqua-Meter clamp only requires a free section of water pipe.