Leakage Protection Monitor for Housewater

The Aqua-Scope water monitor detects water leaks and records the total water consumption in the house as well as the pressure and temperature of the water. The device applies advanced signal processing and analyzes the sound waves, which move in the domestic water distribution pipes when water is taken or there are leaks. Water is a very good conductor of sound. A single sensor is therefore sufficient, to monitor the whole house or apartment. In addition, to the sensor other peripheral devices such as valve motors or flood sensors can be associated to extend the functionality of the overall system.

The device consists of two parts:

  • Main housing for signal processing and radio communication with battery compartment.
  • The external sensor head is connected to the water pipe. The stainless steel sensor head has a silicon sensor mounted in silicone oil for highly accurate and low-noise pressure measurements in a wide operating range. The measuring range for pressure is between 1 and 10 bar. The sensor values are converted into digital values directly in the measuring head to suppress interference from the connection to the main housing. In addition, the temperature of the liquid medium is measured directly at the stainless steel diaphragm and is therefore very precise.

The sensor can send an alarm message if freely definable threshold values are exceeded or not reached. The sensor's polling frequency can be set between 0.1 second and several minutes and defines the battery life. For a measuring interval of 1 second, a battery life of approx. 10 years is calculated.

The device comes with two wireless options:

  • WIFI: Your mobile app help setting up the connection and gives access the data and present current and historical values and events. However, its also possible to se the sensor without the Aqua-Scope Cloud and the Aqua-Scope App relying on standard protocols for data exchange (MQTT, JSON, ...).
  • LoRaWAN: You need to have access to a LoRaWAN network or you built your own one using off-the-shelf gateways. The device can act as Class A oder Class C device and supports OTAA.

The device is powered either via an external power supply with USB-C power supply unit or via an optional internal ER26500 battery (Bobbin Cell C).

Both the sensor head (IP67) and the main housing (IP65) are waterproof and can be used outdoors or in particularly humid and/or dirty environments.


The pressure sensor head is constantly 'listening' to the water system and recognizes all water events in the home. Water events are normal takes of water, but also unexpected events such as leaks or other anomalies of different kind.  The sensor frequently reports the water consumption, the pressure of the water system and its temperature. Any unexpected event in the water system will cause an alarm. The monitor can differentiate between different types of leaks. They range from tiny leaks with a loss of 2 drips per minute to a sudden break of a pipe when up to 20 liters are lost per minute. Depending on the severity of the problem different actions are triggered among them shutting off the water system. This requires an additional motor servo to operate the main shut off valve (Ball Valve or KFR Valve) which can be associated to the Monitor.



The pressure sensor head needs to be in contact with water. The 1/4 inch threading will fit into every standard inspection opening usually available on shut off valve, backflow preventers etc.

The easiest way to install the sensor head is right on the 3/8 inch threading of an edge valve below a sink or beside a toilet. The main device will either require a 230 V outlet or runs on battery.

Pressure Sensor Head

What Water sensor head measures the absolute water pressure as well as the sound transmitted through the water. Beside this the device offers a very precise temperatutre sensor sitting right behind the stainless steel diaphragm.

  • Connection to Water Pipe: 1/4 inch (G1/4)
  • Pressure Range: 0 ... 10 MPa (0 ... 10 bar)
  • Acceptable Over Pressure: 20 MPa
  • ADC Resolution: 14 bit
  • Sample Frequency: 1000 Hz (one sample every 1 ms)
  • Temperature Range: -10 ... + 50 C Celsius
  • Water Proof: IP 67

External wired Flood-Sensor

  • Special design to work on all types of floor incl. hard tiles, high pile carpet,etc.
  • Can be placed upright or flat or mounted to a wall
  • 150 cm cable length
  • will work in both flat and in upright position
  • 3.5 mm water proof jack



  AQSWIE02: Leakagemonitor for Housewater-Pipes with WIFI communication (EAN: 4251295783 246)

  AQSLWE02: Leakagemonitor for Housewater-Pipes with LoRaWAN communication (EAN: 4251295783 307)