Water Monitor

This water monitor fulfills two functions: On the one hand it determines the water consumption in the house or apartment and on the other hand it detects different types of water leaks and sends alarm messages wirelessly in this case.

The sensor consists of two components: a water sound microphone is installed in a suitable place on the water distribution system and connected by a cable to the main unit, which contains the radio communication and data processing electronics. An additional water sensor can optionally be connected by cable. 

The current version of the Water Monitor is approved for single-family homes and multi-family homes with one single water meter per apartment. 'Clinical Trials' are ongoing for installations in multi-apartment homes with more than one water meter per apartment.


The water sound microphone 'listens' to the water and detects all activities of the water thanks to the very good sound conduction of water. These are normal water extractions like toilet flushing or hand washing or even unusual events that indicate a leak or other problems with the water. 

The Aqua-Scope water monitor permanently delivers the following measured values:

  • Normal water consumption per 15 minutes in liters
  • Normal water consumption per event (duration and water quantity)
  • Water pressure
  • Temperature
  • Presence of water at the external water sensor

The following alarm messages are transmitted by wireless communication:

  • Pipe Burst
  • Dripping tap or similar consumption
  • Micro leakage (requires either an additional motor servo such for Ball Valve or KFR Valve or manual assistance)
  • Clamping toilet
  • Overpressure in the water pipe
  • Unusually high or too long water consumption  
  • External water sensor detects water
  • Risk of frost


The easiest way to install the water microphone is by means of a T-connector under a sink or at another suitable place in the house. A 230 V socket is also required for the power supply.

Water Microphone

What Water Sound Microphone measures the absolute water pressure as well as the sound transmitted through the water. It must be installed via a 1/5 inch thread either directly in an inspection opening or via a T-connector to the 3/8 inch connection of an edge valve.

  • Connection to Water Pipe: 1/4 inch (G1/4)
  • Pressure Range: 0 ... 10 MPa (0 ... 10 bar)
  • Acceptable Over Pressure: 20 MPa
  • ADC Resolution: 16 bit
  • Sample Frequency: 1000 Hz ( one sample every 1 ms)
  • Temperature Range: -10 ... + 50 C Celsius
  • Water Proof: IP 65

Wireless Connectivity

The pressure sensor can communicate with a server via LoRaWAN as a Class A device as well as via WIFI. For Z-Wave an additional option exists. Besides the pressure data, the ambient temperature is also transmitted.

External Water Sensor Pad

  • second probe fits even in difficult positions
  • 150 cm cable length
  • pad height is less than 6 mm
  • sensing pins on both sides, works regardless of position
  • 3.5 mm water proof jack


 AQSLWE: Aqua-Scope Water Usage Sensor with LoRaWAN wireless communication

 AQSWIE: Aqua-Scope Water Usage Sensor with Wifi wireless communication

 AQSZWE: Aqua-Scope Water Usage Sensor with Z-Wave wireless communication