LoRaWAN Keys

LoRaWAN-Devices with OTAA function require three different IDs/Keys to join a network.  The device identifier (DevEUI) is printed right on the device plus it is encoded in the QR code on the device. You find both QR Code and Dev EUI again on the packaging for your convenience. This form provides you with the two missing keys, the Application ID (App EUI) and the Join Key (App Key). You need to provide the email address used to purchase the devices in our web shop  shop.aqua-scope.com. If you did purchase the device from one of our reseller, they will provide you with the keys.

If you are entitled to receive a key for a given LoRaWAN device this key will be sent to the email provided. If (1) the Dev EUI is invalid or (2) your email is invalid or (3) your email was not used in our shop or (4) you did not buy the Dev EUI from the account linked ot your email, then - nothing will happen.

Email address used in shop.aqua-scope.com purchase
Device EUI written on device (12 DE AA FF ....)