Rain Sensor 'Lorain'

This rain sensor measures the amount of rain at the location of the sensor in ml within a 15 minute interval and transmits it via LoRaWAN. In case of heavy rain (more than 15 l/h), an alarm message is issued.

The device is powered by two AAA batteries. The supplied high-quality VARTA, batteries allow a runtime of over 8 years. 

This device is Open Source. Firmware source code (as Arduino Sketch) and all production files for the electronics are available free of charge in github. You are welcome to optimize both hardware and firmware and share wit hthe community. The device description is available in The Things Network for easy integration into community projects running on this open LoRaWAN network. 

The Sensor complies to LoRaWAN spec. 1.0.3 and supports OTAA as LoRaWAN Class A device.

For more information and the technical spec, data sheet or users manual please refer to our Download Section in the Support Area

Technical Data

  • Hardware Platform: STM32WLE5CCU6
  • LoRaWAN:
    • Frequency: EU868
    • Join process: OTAA
    • Class A
    • Standard: LoRaWAN 1.0.3
    • Range: > 10km (TX 22 dB).
  • Temp. range: -40 ... 85 deg C
  • Water protection: IP 55
  • Dimension: 132x132x139 mm (device),  140x140x150 mm (package)
  • Weight: 219 gr.


Order Information


  RANLWE01: LoRaWAN Rain Sensor Complete Device (EAN: 4251295783208)

  RANLWE01_E1: LoRaWAN Rain Sensor Do-It-Yourself Kit (EAN: 4251295783222)

  RANLWE01_E2: LoRaWAN Rain Sensor Enclosure (EAN: 4251295783239)