The Aqua-Scope Leak Protection System

The Aqua-Scope Leakage Protection monitors your home's water supply 24 hours a day, detects leaks immediately and shuts off the water supply depending on the urgency and amount of outflowing water. In addition, the residents are alerted by telephone.

The Aqua-Scope has three basic functions:

  • A leak is detected by various easily installed sensors
  • Easy to retrofit motorized actuators automatically shut off the water when required
  • The resident is alerted via an Internet service in the cloud and mobile phones.

Sense and Detect

The Aqua-Scope system has a single central sensor in the house, which evaluates sound waves within the tap water network to detect when water is normally tapped for washing or cooking.  This information, in the form of current water consumption and comparative values, provides the resident with valuable feedback on the careful use of the valuable resource drinking water.

Furthermore, different types of leakage are detected. These range from an acute defect of a departing and broken pipe to the slow leakage of small amounts of water over a long period of time. Depending on the urgency of the problem, the user may only be informed or the water may be turned off immediately.
In addition to the central consumption sensor, other water sensors distributed throughout the house detect water leaking from the water pipe, heating pipe or ground water and also alert the resident.

Shut Off Water

If a pipe burst or other leakage occurs, the water must be shut off immediately and automatically. The Aua-Scope actuators can easily be retrofitted to the existing stopcock. No plumber has to saw open a pipe and bring additional sources of error into your house.

The possibility to switch off the water by radio command opens further possibilities to avoid damages. If an apartment or other building is not used for several days (weekend, vacation home, store, practice, ...) the water can be turned off and on automatically. This protects the pipes and in case of an error no water will leak out at all.

Communicate and Alert

All sensors and actuators in the house communicate with each other wirelessly and with the management in the cloud and your cell phone via the Internet and your local WLAN. The particularly sensitive communication between the sensors and the switch-off motor uses a particularly robust LORA radio technology for this purpose, which was specially developed for reading domestic water meters and thus functions not only in the house connection room but also in deep and damp cellars and even in revision shafts in the garden.

Controlled by Mobile Apps

To setup, configure and operate the Aqua-Scope Leakage Protection System you will need an app for your mobile phone. Please visit the usual app stores for downloading the latest version of the Aqua-Scope App free of charge


 AQSBVS01: Aqua-Scope Water System (Consumption Sensor + Ball Valve Servo)

 AQSBVS02: Aqua-Scope Water System (Consumption Sensor + Ball Valve Servo + 2 * Water Sensors)