Dry Contact controlled Retrofit-Motor for Gate Valves

Version: 1.0

Product Description

The motor drive designed for angle seat valves, specifically KFR valves, offers a solution for seamlessly retrofitting existing shut-off valves into remotely controlled intelligent devices. This process is achieved without the need to interrupt water supply or cut into the water pipe. The 12V-powered motor is not only water-resistant but also resistant to dirt, ensuring durability up to the power supply. Versatility is achieved through various adapter rings and a sophisticated connection system, allowing the motor to be compatible with modern angle seat valves featuring raising or non-raising stems, ranging from DN15 to DN32.

Incorporating an additional water sensor directly connected to the device enhances functionality, enabling the motor to serve as a leak protection system without the need for further configuration or wireless connectivity. The servo motor's waterproof design makes it suitable for deployment in damp, dirty, and outdoor environments. In its open state, the motor autonomously conducts valve training weekly, involving a closing/opening action by 1/8 turn to remove dirt and scale.

The device is controlled either through the local button or via a dry wire switch input of the existing smart home system (Shelly, Z-Wave, Smartthings, Bosch, Homematic, ...) or your alarm system.

Scope of Delivery