Dry Contact controlled Retrofit-Motor for Ball Valves

Version: 1.0

Product Description

This motor converts existing and installed ball valves into intelligent water control devices. Thanks to the innovative clamp mechanism, it can be installed on shut-off valves with a pipe diameter between 0.5 and 1.5 inches within minutes, without the need for additional tools, and can be removed just as easily. A patented coupling mechanism allows for torques of up to 8 Nm, enabling it to function even with rusty and old valves.

The servo motor is waterproof and can be used in damp, dirty, and outdoor environments. In the open position, the motor automatically performs valve training once a week (closing/opening by 1/8 turn to remove dirt and scale). The device is also capable of measuring the rotation angle and detecting the end positions of the lever. It approaches the end positions slowly to avoid friction and unnecessary mechanical stress. It is powered by an external 12V power supply through a waterproof coupling.

The device is controlled either through the local button or via a dry wire switch input of the existing smart home system (Shelly, Z-Wave, Smartthings, Bosch, Homematic, ...) or your alarm system.

Scope of Delivery

Technical Data