WIFI Water Leakage Monitor

Version: 1.1.0

Product Description

The Aqua-Scope water leak monitor detects water leaks and records the temperature and water pressure. In combination with an Aqua-Scope remotely controlled shut-off valve, the system regularly searches for microleaks and shuts off the water if necessary. The user is then alerted via radio, both during such incidents and when pressure anomalies are detected. An additional wired flood sensor can be connected directly to the device. Furthermore, up to 10 additional wireless sensors can be distributed and connected throughout the building to detect water leakage and report it to the monitor via radio. The device consists of two parts:

Thanks to the excellent sound characteristics of water, a single sensor somewhere in the house is sufficient to detect water consumption and leaks throughout the entire building.

Control of the system is centralized through a mobile phone app using WiFi communication. Furthermore, data can be transmitted to an MQTT server or an HTTP 'webhook,' facilitating integration with modern Smart Home systems.

The sensor is powered either by an external power supply with a USB-C power supply or by an optional internal ER26500 battery (Bobbin Cell C). Both the sensor head (IP67) and the main housing (IP65) are waterproof and can be used outdoors or in particularly humid and/or dirty environments.

Scope of Delivery

Information related to Drinking Water Directive EU 98/83/EC

The t-shaped part of the device is exposed to drinking water and therefore subject to the European Drinking Water Directive. The certified used material is called CW509L, which is in the list of approved of materials of the German Environment Agency (UBA) in the version from May 14th, 2020 under section

Technical Data