Leckage-Protection 'Basic' for Ball Valves

Version: 1.0

Product Description

The Aqua-Scope Leak Protection 'Basic' for ball valves offers comprehensive monitoring of a building's water pipes, automatically shutting off water in the event of leaks and

  • The Aqua-Scope Monitor provides continuous monitoring of the entire piping network from a single location within the house. Equipped with an acoustic water sensor, the monitor detects leaks and features an external 1/4 inch water sensor attached to the housing. This sensor is conveniently mounted on the house water pipe using a T-piece at an easily accessible location. Beyond leak alarms, the device continuously monitors water pressure and temperature.
  • The actuator is installed on an existing ball valve without disrupting water supply. It promptly shuts off the water upon detecting a leak, preventing further damage. During routine pipe checks, even microleaks with a water loss of 4 ml/h or more are identified. Users have the flexibility to control water flow manually or set programmable timers through a mobile app, allowing for convenient on/off commands, such as during weekends.
  • Control of the system is centralized through a mobile phone app. Furthermore, data can be transmitted to an MQTT server or an HTTP 'webhook,' facilitating integration with modern Smart Home systems. The devices communicate using robust LoRa wireless technology, enabling installation on different floors, in the basement, or even outside the house.

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