Aqua-Meter Clamp with Wi-Fi

Version: 1.0

Product Description

The water sensor clamp measures the flow and temperature in a water pipe using a "Time of Flight" measurement method and transmits the data wirelessly. By analyzing the flow internally, water leaks and other anomalies are detected, and the owner is alerted.

The device is clamped onto the outside of the water pipe without interrupting the water supply. Its flexible design and innovative software allow it to be used on water pipes between 16 and 50 mm, with all currently available materials on the market such as PEX, PEX AL, copper, PE, or steel. It meets all requirements of the European Community's Measuring Instruments Directive (MID). With only 60 mm of space required above the water pipe and a length of 110 mm, the device is very flat and short, making it easy to install.

The device can be powered either via USB-C or two AA alkaline cells. Whenever an external power source is available, it is used independently of the inserted batteries.

The system communicates via Wi-Fi and is controlled by an app on a mobile phone. Additionally, data can be sent to an MQTT server or an HTTP 'webhook' to be integrated into a smart home system.

Scope of Delivery

Technical Data - Part 1

Technical Data - Part 2 (MID/OIML-R49)