Aqua-Meter Clamp with LoRaWAN

Version: 1.0

Product Description

The Aqua-Meter Clamp measures the flow and temperature in a water pipe using a "Time of Flight" measurement method and transmits the data wirelessly. It is easily attached to the existing water pipe from the outside without the need to interrupt the water supply. The best position is right after the water meter. Due to adjustable transducer positions and innovative software the Aqua-Meter Clamp works with pipe diameters between 15 and 50 mm and it supports all contemporary pipe materials such as PEX, PEX AL, copper, PE, or steel. It registers water consumption from approximately 1 liter/hour and it distinguishes between normal water usage, dripping faucets, stuck toilets, pipe breaks, etc. And alerts the user.

The device meets all the requirements of the European Metering Directive (MID). With a footprint of only 60 mm above the water pipe and a length of 110 mm, the device is very slim and short, making it easy to find a suitable spot to install.

The Aqua-Meter Clamp can be powered either by an USB-C or by two standard AA batteries. Whenever an external power source is available, it is used independently of the inserted batteries.

The device is controlled via LoRaWAN commands and operates as a LoRaWAN Class A device. The use of the device requires LoRaWAN network coverage. Otherwise, you need to install and operate your own LoRaWAN gateway.

Scope of Delivery

Technical Data - Part 1

Technical Data - Part 2 (MID/OIML-R49)