Gate Valve Servo

The Gate Valve Servo (KFR) is placed on  already-installed (angled seat ) gate valves commonly used in central Europe (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and some other countries). The hand wheel is removed and the KFR is placed on top of the valve stem. This allows remote control of the shut-off valve using wireless commands. The motor drive can operate valves of pipe diameters between DN20 and DN32 and selected valves with DN15 and DN40.  The maximum torque of the motor is limited to 75 Nm. The wireless communication capabilities include industry standards (LoRaWAN) for easy integration into existing networks and direct device-to-device communication with the Aqua-Scope Monitor. The motor is powered by a 12 V external power supply or - optional – a battery block.

'KFR' refers to the German term for the typical valve: 'Kombiniertes Freistromventil mit Rückflussverhinderer'

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Wireless Connectivity

The Gate Valve Servo can receive commands directly from Flood Sensors and from the Aqua-Scope Monitor or other  wireless communication systems supporting LoRaWAN. The device operates als LoRaWAN Class C device and supports both public networks such as Helium or TTN and private LoRaWAN networks.



 KFRLWE01: Gate Valve Servo  with LoRaWAN wireless communication

 KFRDRY02: Dry Contact controllable Gate Valve Servo