Water Sensor

  • Water Sensor detects even single drops of water
  • Replaceable battery, battery lasts min 7 years
  • Built-in Freeze sensor
  • IP67 water-proof design
  • Additional external sensor pad attachable
  • works in every position due to 4 pin sensor ring

The  Water Sensor is placed on critical positions within the home and will detect even smallest drops of water thanks to the capillary effect (water is soaked into the colored sensor channel). Detected water results in an alarm sent to a central gateway using Z-Wave or LoRaWAN wireless protocol.

The unique feature of this device is the central sensor ring with 4 metal water probes on four corners. This ensures the detection works in al orientation of the device placement.

An external second water detection probe can be connected to the main device and it will act as second sensor differing from the primary probe. The internal temperature sensor will report freezing condition to protect water installation from further damaging.

For more information such as data sheet or manuals please refer to our Download Section in the Support Area.

Compact Size

This Water Sensor is one of the smallest if its kind. The compact size compares to the size of a Lipstick.

Wireless Connectivity

The Flood Sensor can send wireless control commands directly to motor servos such as the Ball Valve Servo (BVS) or the Gate Valve Servo (GVS) communicate with the Aqua-Scope Controller or other Smart Home System Controllers. The Z-Wave version implements the most recent protocol Z-Wave Plus V2. The Lora Version supports both the standardized LoraWAN in Class B/C and a proprietary extension to communicate locally with battery operated acutators such as motor servos.

External Sensor Pad

  • second probe fits even in difficult positions
  • 150 cm cable length
  • pad height is less than 6 mm
  • sensing pins on both sides, works regardless of position
  • 3.5 mm water proof jack



 WWDLWE: Water Sensor with LoRaWAN wireless communication

 WWDZWE: Water Sensor with  Z-Wave wireless communication