Aqua-Scope Mobile Phone App

The Aqua-Scope Mobile App allows the installation, configuration and control of all Aqua-Scope devices. The app is available in both major app stores for Android and IoS and can additionally be installed as a so-called "Progressive Web App" directly via link from this browser to your phone, tablet or even your desktop computer (Windows, MAC OSX).

The app offers:

  • Setup of the main Aqua-Scope Monitor device as well as other devices connected to this main device, such as motor controllers or moisture sensors.
  • Direct manual control of the shut-off valve when associated with the main device.
  • Display of pressure history over 24 hours and minimum and maximum pressure per day or since last reset.
  • Current water consumption, consumption in last 24 hours and last 30 days
  • Control of the pipe check process to find micro leaks
  • Time controlled shut off and on of water according to time of day and day of week
  • Current temperature at the device and temperature history
  • Configuration of all devices

Test the App

The usual way to test the app is downloading it from one ot the App-Stores right onto your mobile or tablet. If you want to see first how things work, test it right here in your browser.Use the username '' with password '123456' to access a real Aqua-Scope Monitor connected to a house in Germany. You can perform all actions and access all functions like in your future app.