Ball Valve Servo

  • Simple, Tools-Free: Just snap on and turn 2 knobs. Done in less then one minute!
  • Elbow proof: Can be installed on pipe elbows by adjustable clamps position
  • Smart Adaptive Torque Control: Protects motor, valve and pipe for long term operation
  • Outdoor Proof: IP67 rated, worked even submerged under water
  • Integrated Water Detection Probe and Freeze Detection. Works Offline as well.

The BVS (Ball Valve Servo) is a motor to retrofit existing and installed ball valves into smart water controlling devices. Its wireless communication capabilities are compatible with several industry standards (Lora, Z-Wave, ULE) for easy integration into existing networks. The motor is powered by a 12 V external power supply or - optional – a battery block.

The variable clamps allow mounting even in complex pipe installations. The patented motor coupling ensures easy installation and precise long-term operation. The device can operate in difficult environmental conditions, even submerged under water and allows to directly connect one additional local water sensor pad by cable. 

For more information such as data sheet or manuals please refer to our Download Section in the Support Area. If you want to test of buy the BVS please visit our Buy Section.


Wireless Connectivity

The Ball Valve Servo can receive commands directly from Flood Sensors and from the Aqua-Scope Monitor or other  wireless communication systems supporting LoRaWAN. The device operates als LoRaWAN Class C device and supports both public networks suc ha Helium or TTN and private LoRaWAN networks.


Water installations are not standardized. Plumbers install the pipes according to standards but according to personal taste ans situation in the house too. The BVS gives maximal flexibility to mount on straight pipes and on elbows.


 BVSLWE: Ball Valve Servo  with LoRaWAN wireless communication

 BVSZWE: Ball Valve Servo with  Z-Wave  wireless communication