Some History

As early as 1984, during his vocational training as electronics worker, the company founder Christian Paetz developed a leakage protection system for his parent’s home in Hohenstein-Ernstthal/Saxony. At this time in East Germany there were neither sufficient electronic components or ICs available and certainly there was no way to get a permission to built a  wireless digital communication system.

The historical leakage protection system consisted of a main unit with a polished brass front plate) plus two sensor heads connected by cables. The sensor heads where built out of copper coated PCB raw material. The sensors there placed near the washing machines water supply and on the floor. Leaking water was supposed to run between the copper plates and create a shut cut detected by the main device. The main device was able to cut water supply using a magnet valve and turn off the power supply of the washing machine to prevent further damage from running dry.

The devices served its purpose for more than 3 decades and is still functional.

The very famous leak protection technology for washing machines called 'Aqua-Stop', developed by the equally  famous company ‘Bosch and Siemens Hausgeräte’ (BSH) was launched just one year later.